Research Experts Launch 'Vital Findings' to Take Market Research Beyond PowerPoint

Los Angeles, CA |  02 March 2011 | 

The company is founded on a simple concept: to elevate the market research profession beyond delivering PowerPoint bullets by utilizing the tools of design, marketing science, and innovation consulting to turn research into action.

Vital Findings is the brainchild of founder Jason Kramer, who has honed his experience at such prestigious research firms as Interpret, LLC, Nielsen, Lieberman Research Worldwide and Yankelovich Partners, as well as companies such as Activision.

"I am passionate about making market research more actionable using the tools of design," said Kramer. "Design research is action-oriented by nature, with the objective of developing or refining new products, services, and customer experiences. By combining innovative market research with iterative design techniques, Vital Findings takes market research to a new level of business impact."

In the past year, Vital Findings has developed a new video-based quantitative concept test methodology to help design mobile devices for working moms; turned a 40-page quantitative attitude & usage study topline into a 6-slide infographic; used ethnographies to develop a playbook for developing apps for parents; and used shop-alongs to develop a new purchase process for consumer electronics.

Vital Findings client Maisha Cobb, of LG Mobile Phones, describes the company as “being ahead of the curve in both strategic product development approach and methodological innovation. The team consistently finds creative ways to uncover latent needs and desires, and more importantly they deliver solutions that influence consumer behavior while driving business results. This is a team that brings fresh insight, deep thinking and a warm, collaborative spirit into every project. The diversity of skill sets, ranging from human factors and psychology to design and product innovation, has enabled our team to create a synergistic view of our consumer.”

"Good research can and should be creative and inspiring," added Kramer. “Endless PowerPoint bullets don't inspire change. People need to see it to believe it -- to visualize recommendations from data, whether it's a mock-up of changes to their site, a map outlining key influence points in the purchase process, or simply an information graphic communicating key findings on one page. Vital Findings is taking the lead in making research clear, concise, and ultimately more actionable."

The ever-evolving dynamics of the consumer-product relationship suggest that Vital Findings’ unveiling comes just in time to fill an unmet need in the marketplace. Thanks to increasingly demanding and educated consumers, companies are now unable to afford any missteps when launching a new product. These consumers take their time when making a purchase, read product reviews, test the product, listen to recommendations, and have high expectations for performance, and if a product does not stand out from its competition, consumers will bypass or reject it. Market research is essential in new product development to understand consumers’ needs and intents, but more importantly, companies need market research to differentiate its product offerings from competitors in design, functionality, and user experience.

About Vital Findings

Vital Findings' mission is to put research at the center of innovation, and is a leader in bringing quantitative tools to design research. Led by former researchers from Nielsen, Lieberman Research Worldwide, Interpret, Nissan, and Market Strategies, Vital Findings is a full-service market research firm offering expertise in quantitative research, qualitative research, design research, and advanced analytics. The firm is privately held and headquartered in Culver City, a suburb of Los Angeles, Calif. For more information, please see

In The News

July 16, 2015

Vital Findings continues to deepen its senior team bench strength with the addition of former Millward Brown Director Beth O’Shaughnessy as Senior Director of Research and Design. O’Shaughnessy will be responsible for leading major accounts and supporting the company’s innovation efforts in research methodology and information design. She will report to Jason Kramer, Managing Director of Vital Findings.

Read the announcement here.

October 16, 2014

As Vital Findings continues to expand its marketing research and consulting services, the company has appointed Amanda Hirsch as Vice President to evolve its strategic consulting services and manage growth into new verticals.  Amanda has an extensive market research background with a wide range of industry expertise including apparel and footwear, technology, CPG, media and entertainment, healthcare, automotive, gaming (interactive and casinos) as well as hospitality. Amanda was most recently VP at Millward Brown, where she led large-scale global brand and ad tracking, copy testing, segmentation, brand equity and custom research for Fortune 500 companies. She will report to Jason Kramer, Managing Director of Vital Findings.

Read the announcement here.

January 23, 2014

Following the unveiling of a series of weird and wonderful gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, Vital Findings has unveiled an infographic to ask if the future really is now. No specific conclusion can be drawn from the infographic, which found in some ways we are (in terms of wearable technology and video communication), but lack of jetpacks let us down.

 Infographic: 2014 - is the future now?

 Vital Findings :: Is The Future Now? Infographic

March 05, 2013

Vital Findings has appointed former Nielsen and Maritz exec Mary Rubin as Vice President, to work closely with founder Jason Kramer to grow the business and expand its intellectual assets. Read the announcement here:

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March 27 and 28, 2012

Vital Findings conducted two consumer panels for the PEVE Home Entertainment conference, the leading European conference for home entertainment. Read the announcement here.

Watch the video of the panels here.