Immersion Workshop

Immersion Workshop

“Walking in the customer’s shoes” 

1. Give team members a common consumer objective to accomplish (e.g., shop for a product, sign up for a service, etc.). 

2. Ask team members to document their experience ‘as a customer’ with pictures, screenshots, notes, etc. and print the images.

3. In a conference room, have everyone presents his/her experience, taping up images while speaking. As each person presents, ask others to write “key successes” (blue post-its) and “pain points” (red post-its). 

4. After each presenter shares, ask team members add their post-its and explain their reasoning.

5. Encourage team members to discuss common themes and record them on a whiteboard. Organize and prioritize themes into research hypotheses, forming the framework for a questionnaire or discussion guide outline.


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