Co-creation Workshop

Co-creation Workshop

“Develop products with your target consumer”

1. Recruit 5 target consumers and 5 internal researchers/marketers/product developers for a 4 hour workshop. 

2. Have consumers create a collage beforehand and present it to the client team, explaining their needs and desired benefits within the category. Categorize these needs and benefits into themes.

3. Lay out “creation stations” with evocative, metaphor-rich materials (e.g., mood cards, product images from ancillary categories, drawing materials, foam core shapes, etc.).

4. Assign consumer/client teams and give each team a theme to create a metaphorical “product” around.  Teams will visit each creation station to add features and “look and feel” to their prototypes.  When finished, each team presents their creation.

5. Dismiss consumers and have the internal team revisit each “product” and the original need/benefit themes, and discuss how to use the “product” insight to address consumer desires. 


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