Concept Development Workshop

Concept Development Workshop

“Create the ideal product experience”

1. Identify user experience champions within the organization and recruit them for a half-day workshop. Send the research report beforehand, requesting that each participant reply with their 5 key takeaways.

2. Begin the workshop with a short (20 min.) refresher of the research, followed by a discussion of key takeaways.

3. Split the group into teams of 3-4 people to quickly ideate and sketch new experience ideas (e.g. new apps, site tools, etc.).  Provide product concept or UX storyboard templates.

4. Ask each group to create 20-40 ideas, presenting the top 10 to the full team.  Provide post-its so participants can build on each others’ ideas. 

5. After everyone is finished, give each participant stickers to use for voting.  Allocate time for everyone to review the concepts and vote for their favorites.  Ask the teams to take the two top concepts and sketch out a use case scenario for each.

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