Persona Workshop

Persona Workshop

“Personify your target segment or consumer”

1. Create “day in the life” stories, either abstracted from or (ideally) personified by real consumers. 

2. Ask participants to split into teams, each with a different “day in the life” story printed out.  Provide the teams with photos, video, posters, or “experience stations” to get to know their consumer better.

3. Ask teams to review their story, underlining pain points and circling desired benefits.  Teams should then condense the pain points/benefits into a list and prioritize them. 

4. Using a concept form (a form with room for a headline/product name, a sketch, and a list of features), have the teams brainstorm ideas for addressing the key pain points. 

5. Have each team present their consumer persona, pain points, and top ideas for solutions.  Each concept form should be pinned to a board and clustered with similar ideas.  At the end, team members will use stickers to vote for the top ideas to move to concept testing or refinement.

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