Our Process

Our Process

One of our innovations for making market research more actionable is our process. Regardless of the size, scope, or speed of the study, we emphasize the front- and back-end data analysis and sythesis stages of the project process to ensure that our analysts can see the forest for the trees.

We take a collaborative approach to research, and we believe that everyone on the team has valuable insight into what the data means. We have developed a brainstorming process that allows us to turn this into a unique strength.

Vital Findings Process Graphic

We define key questions, the business problem, and methodology.

We evaluate the research already done, and then mine data, complete desk research, and talk to experts in the field.

We identify hypotheses that we want to test and key themes to explore. We firmly believe that we need an analytic framework before going into field.

We develop the survey instrument (i.e. visual stimulus, prototypes for testing) and conduct the research.

We meet as a group to develop key findings and implications, and determine how they can be put into an actionable context.

We employ design tools to translate findings into tangible outputs such as product concepts, mock-ups or infographics.

Before we enter field on a project, we gather as a team and brainstorm hypotheses and areas of inquiry. If possible, we include clients and even sometimes consumers in these sessions, and, if time allows, we ask our team members to walk in the consumer's shoes and immerse themselves in the product category in preparation for this brainstorm.

Once we have finished a project in field, the team meets again for a brainstorm session to synthesize key themes and discoveries from the data. From this process, we develop and articulate an analytic framework before we attempt reporting. We feel that good analysis emerges from a good structure, not just from compiling data. As part of this process, we also brainstorm visual tools that will make the findings resonate, such as infographics, videos, and visual storytelling techniques.