Our Research Philosophy

Our Research Philosophy



In today's rapidly changing consumer landscape, companies can no longer settle for market research that merely quantifies the past or benchmarks current consumer behavior. Researchers must anticipate trends, facilitate what's next, and develop the future rather than follow it.

Vital Findings is leading this charge. We put market research at the center of the innovation process, turning it into a catalyst for new ideas and solutions, not just measurement tools. We are a full service, innovative market research company uniquely adept at integrating state-of-the-art market research techniques with design thinking to build meaningful outputs that eloquently and succinctly communicate findings.

Solid, reliable, yet innovative research is at the core of everything we do. For us, good research design is about satisfying the needs of the end user, whether that is a consumer using a product or a company executive who needs clean, clear, and concise market data or research findings. Through this combination, we bridge the gap between insight and implementation, enabling companies and their market researchers to inspire organizations with tangible, visible, and easily-evangelized research solutions.

A PowerPoint bullet does not have the power to create change. People are inspired by visual storytelling and by actually seeing a potential change rather than a bullet describing it. If our research suggests changes to a product or an opportunity for a new product, we can deliver that message through a visual mock up, rather than text describing it. If we find a new consumer segment in a quantitative study, we'll develop design personas, posters, or immersion sessions to help your team relate to them and internalize the findings. We know that, unlike a PowerPoint bullet, a market researcher armed with a deep understanding of the consumer, a holistic grasp of the business issue, and visual storytelling tools has the power to create change. And we're here to help.

The above motion graphic piece is a little bit of added fun to help demonstrate our team's creativity. We developed this motion graphic piece for you to enjoy. Have you ever experienced the following: PowerPoint bullets that seem to go on forever, PowerPoint documents with more than 100 pages, a report without a story? Do people fall asleep during your presentations, do you fall asleep during your presentations, and do you dream at night of data tables? Watch as our intrepid researcher moves from the status quo to the brave new world proposed by the Vital Findings philosophy.