Thought Leadership

Kelly Pellico

Building Authentic Influencer Relationships

Four takeaways to help brands build genuine connections and authentic relationships with influencers.

Iwan Thomis Joins Vital Findings as Chief Strategy Officer

Iwan Thomis, a former Greenberg and Material+ Partner, joins Vital Findings to drive strategy and technology sector growth.

Let Us Introduce You

Meet Jackie Godsey, the creative brains behind Vital Findings’ Design Studio. Jackie’s love of running with a new idea results in beautifully impactful insights and (bonus!) show-stopping Halloween costumes. Learn more…

Let Us Introduce You

Meet Stephanie David who leads Vital Findings’ Health & Wellness portfolio. Steph is equally excited by the mercurial elements of Icelandic weather as she is by the fruits of a successful ideation workshop. Learn more…

Let Us Introduce You

Meet Brian Thompson who leads Vital Findings’ Tech & Entertainment portfolio. Brian’s endless passion, perspective and good humor make him an extraordinary partner. Learn more…

Refreshing Your Segmentation to Ignite Brand Growth

Breaking your market into groups of people with similar core needs and interests leads to more effective targeting, less wasted spend and maximized sales. That’s why segmentation studies are so critical, and why most companies have done one. But how long do you hold on to your segmentation before it’s time for a refresh? And when you do a refresh, what steps do you need to take to create success?

6 Ways to Socialize Your Insights

How to make sure your insights create business impact.

Simplicity Is Key to Go From Insight to Impact

How we used storytelling and design to make a customer journey simple.

Lessons in Motherhood: Being a Badass at Home and at Work

The moms of VF share the parenting lessons we’ve learned, as well as those stark reminders of how worthwhile motherhood is.