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Market Research - The Walking Dead

Surviving the Cross-Platform Explosion: Insights from The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been a ratings phenomenon, managing to grow its TV viewing audience during its first six seasons.  The show has also been a…

Evangelizing Market Research

Evangelizing Research to Inspire Action with MetLife

MetLife and Vital Findings present methods for evangelizing research findings, including infographics, installations, photography, and interactive research sites.  The presentation includes a case study of…

The Shift to Smartphone Dominance - Market Research

Yahoo & Vital Findings’ The Shift to Smartphone Dominance

With Internet usage shifting from desktop to mobile, Yahoo needed to get ahead of this trend, understand who was driving it, why, how fast it…

Bringing Market Research to Life

Bringing Research to Life Through Workshops

Sharing research findings via hands-on workshops is a solution to better engage clients and help them to internalize the research findings. This whitepaper includes background…

Market Research - Latina Beauty

The Power of the Latina Beauty Consumer

Hispanic women derive pleasure and empowerment from their daily beauty routines, making them a major growth driver in the beauty industry. In this video, Vital…

The Future of the Automotive Retail Experience

How Will You Buy a Car in 2025? The Future of the Automotive Retail Experience

Online shopping is transforming retail, but how does it impact a high-ticket, high-touch, emotional purchase like a car?  Should car dealers emulate Tesla or find…