Case Study

Custom Ad Tracking Campaign

The Opportunity

A major tech company was at a critical juncture in their growth and was on the verge of launching their first national, integrated ad campaign. To understand their success and impact on their brand, Vital Findings created a custom, ad-effectiveness tracker that would measure advertising breakthrough, impressions, impact, and persuasion.

Our Twist

As technology companies thrive on data-backed decisions, it was critical to be able to quantify the impact the advertising had on the client’s brand. As such, Vital Findings used a pre/post approach and weaved the advertising tracker in with their brand equity tracker. With the two complementary trackers views, we could directly measure how much exposure to seeing advertising impacted perceptions and intent to use the client’s brand.

The Impact

Our data proved that the new advertising campaign successfully introduced the brand to new users while not tarnishing relationships with current users and loyalists, but more was needed to continue building a strong brand image in order to compete with more established brands. The client utilized insights to develop future strategies with their agency building upon identified strengths of the initial campaign, while enhancing their brand presence and optimizing future creatives.