Case Study

Custom, Dynamic Brand Tracking

The Opportunity

After years of rapid growth, a major tech company wanted, for the first time, to understand the strength of their brand. Vital Findings worked with the client to develop a fully custom, continuous tracker to measure their brand health, connection, and perceptions among both users and prospects.

Our Twist

Together with the client, Vital Findings created a custom brand health survey tailored to their unique category and “always on,” allowing us to understand the impact of every major news story, product update, and ad campaign. The study is fully functional on mobile devices and uses advanced analytics to inform a unified strategy in building brand preference across non-users, loyalists, and non-loyalists.

The Impact

Since then, the client has launched a national advertising campaign and seen its period of highest news/social media/WOM buzz, all while trying to stave off fierce competition. The continuous brand tracker has become a key tool for the client in measuring the brand impact of this buzz, and its findings are used to define and grow brand identity moving forward.