Case Study

Digital Cross Media Research

The Opportunity

A major entertainment company wanted to help consumers transition to digital movies over physical media like DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs. Vital Findings proposed in home ethnographies with consumers who had undergone the transition from physical to digital in order to re-live the transitions and map key triggers. This qualitative phase was later quantified using a robust survey instrument.

Our Twist

However, Vital Findings recognized that movies were just the latest medium to undergo a physical-to-digital transition, so we put the digital movie transition in context by comparing to other “like” industries, including music, books, and video games. Using other media as a comparison point helped the studio frame their current progress in encouraging consumers to go digital.

The Impact

The studio was able to uncover ways to jumpstart digital movie adoption by learning from the what had hastened the process in other categories like music, books, and video games. The findings were presented in partnership at a major industry conference, and the unique “tipping point” method has been requested and utilized in other research to understand transitions in consumer behavior.

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