Case Study

Product Design for Metabolic Health Tracking

The Opportunity

A med-tech brand saw an opportunity in the emergence of an adjacent field─platforms measuring a person’s metabolic health. The rise of metabolic health apps was swift and they needed a partner to immerse in the market and provide direction for their own product design.

Our Twist

With a documentary-style approach, our team led personal trials of each metabolic health platform. Every moment, from subscribing and unboxing to meal-logging was captured and reflected upon, delivering rich competitive intelligence. In-depth-interviews then illuminated who the app users were, what motivated them and how they felt about their experiences.

The Impact

Clear direction was given for the features most critical to product success, including meal-logging. Optimizing the meal-logging experience became the top priority for the brand, with additional research undertaken. In addition, the research uncovered important considerations for future brand positioning and go-to-market strategies.