Case Study

Streaming Service Experience Community

The Opportunity

A premium cable TV network was releasing a new streaming service that allowed consumers to access their content across devices without a traditional cable or satellite subscription. Vital Findings recommended an interactive online community to follow new user experiences throughout the service’s free trial to identify drivers for subscription, usability pain points, and communication optimization opportunities.

Our Twist

The 40-person online community documented the trial experience from start to finish. This approach enabled Vital Findings to capture and analyze every consumer touch point throughout the trial, critical in gathering feedback on the registration/sign-up process, app usability, and content assessment and uncovered triggers that lead to “moment of truth” when consumers ultimately subscribe.

The Impact

This high-touch community provided real-time, organic feedback from trialists. The insights and visual reporting helped the network take immediate strategic and tactical action — changing their website layout, app interface, and optimizing communications. Vital Findings’ research design was so effective, the network has repeated the approach for subsequent service launches.

A lot of anticipation and excitement involved in signing up for a new streaming service