Case Study

UGG Segmentation

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Vital Findings Market Research

The Opportunity

As a cutting-edge luxury brand, UGG needed a segmentation and activation plan that truly brought the segments to life and could captivate and inspire their teams, from designers to marketers to the board of directors. Internal teams were not motivated by data alone, While they wanted a robust and reliable segmentation, they desired data in context and delivered in a way that allowed them to use their creativity and imagination to act on the insights.

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Our Twist

We designed the study to illuminate the future by using our aspirational segmentation approach, focusing on values, aspirations and attitudes to inspire designers and stand the test of time. Robust statistics found meaningful and actionable segments, and rich qualitative ethnography with design-inspired activities and immersive home tours allowed each to tell their story, vividly. We then created an installation showpiece with each segment’s living room uniquely designed to tangibly illustrate their personality and essence.

UGG Segmentation - Market Research - Vital Findings
Vital Findings Market Research

The Impact

Through the physical design element of the installation, the board of directors, designers, marketing, brand, and sales teams were quick to internalize and adopt the segmentation. Results were put into action to inspire seasonal product development and marketing, optimize merchandising, and to create an omnichannel go-to-market strategy.

Ugg case study