UGG Brand Segmentation - Market Research
Case Study

UGG Segmentation

Inspiring Fashion Designers, Marketers, Sales Teams, and Executives through Aspirational Segmentation and Visualization

Our Approach

UGG identified the need for more strategic product design, marketing, and distribution plans based on key consumer groups. Vital Findings developed a new technique called “aspirational segmentation” using quantitative and qualitative data to define and personify segments, including a robust quantitative survey, canonical correlation with multivariate attitudinal segmentation, in-depth interviews, and ethnography.

Our Twist

The segmentation was unique in that Vital Findings employed an aspirational segmentation to uncover what UGG's current and potential customers aspire to be rather than how they see themselves currently — making them far more inspiring to designers and marketers. The segments were brought to life by creating actual living room spaces for each segment, inspired by the survey data and qualitative interviews.

The Impact

Through the physical design element of the installation, the board of directors, designers, marketing, brand, and sales teams were quick to internalize and adopt the segmentation. Internal decision-makers immediately evangelized the segmentation as a launching point for brand strategy conversations.

UGG Segmentation - Market Research - Vital Findings
UGG Segmentation - Vital Findings
UGG Segmentation - Market Research - Vital Findings
Strategic product design, marketing, and distribution