Thought Leadership


Building Authentic Influencer Relationships

Four takeaways to help brands build genuine connections and authentic relationships with influencers.

Celebrating Mentorship in Honor of Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, we’re discussing the value of mentorship in bringing diversity and inclusivity to the workplace.

Iwan Thomis Joins Vital Findings as Chief Strategy Officer

Iwan Thomis, a former Greenberg and Material+ Partner, joins Vital Findings to drive strategy and technology sector growth.

Let Us Introduce You

Meet Jackie Godsey, the creative brains behind Vital Findings’ Design Studio. Jackie’s love of running with a new idea results in beautifully impactful insights and (bonus!) show-stopping Halloween costumes. Learn more…

Let Us Introduce You

Meet Stephanie David who leads Vital Findings’ Health & Wellness portfolio. Steph is equally excited by the mercurial elements of Icelandic weather as she is by the fruits of a successful ideation workshop. Learn more…

Let Us Introduce You

Meet Brian Thompson who leads Vital Findings’ Tech & Entertainment portfolio. Brian’s endless passion, perspective and good humor make him an extraordinary partner. Learn more…

8 Ways to Reach Niche Audiences

Tips to help you reach the niche audiences best able to inform your clients’ business decisions.

6 Ways to Socialize Your Insights

How to make sure your insights create business impact.

Pride flag in front of a office building.

Celebrating Pride Month as an LGBTQ+ Certified Business

In honor of Pride Month, AMC Networks placed a spotlight on Vital Findings as an LGBTQ+ certified business and interviewed our founder Jason Kramer.