Elias Sanchez

Insights Analyst

Elias is driven by an endless curiosity about the everyday decisions people make – why people choose the things they do.

With his creativity and problem-solving skills, Elias manages projects with a sharp focus on client objectives. Elias has a passion for understanding human behavior and connecting the insights gained back to the core questions his clients are looking to answer. Known for his proactivity, keen attention to detail, and caring leadership, Elias drives his projects forward and takes particular enjoyment in the analysis process. Connecting the dots and building a story that can help his clients take action is his greatest motivation. 

Elias’ background is in a multidisciplinary major, International Development Studies, from the University of California, Los Angeles. He brings that multidisciplinary lens to Vital Findings where he works across mixed-method studies and across a range of industries including insurance and consumer packaged goods. When he’s not conducting research he’s biking or taking in a Lakers game.