Ivayana Liggins

Manager, Qualitative Operations & Logistics

Ivayana is an experienced operations manager driving seamless communication and high-quality qualitative research.

Ivayana brings a wealth of expertise to her role as an Operations Manager. She excels in fostering seamless communication with vendors, project teams and clients, ensuring efficient and effective collaboration. Ivayana’s strong focus on managing high-quality qualitative research is complemented by her ability to utilize innovative solutions to support operations growth at Vital Findings. Ivayana is a trusted partner in optimizing team performance and delivering outstanding results in the field of qualitative research. 

Prior to joining Vital Findings, Ivayana served as a Program Manager at Material+, where she successfully oversaw the logistics and communication of qualitative research studies across various methodologies, both nationally and internationally. Her impressive track record also includes two years at Fieldwork San Francisco, where she played a pivotal role in implementing operational procurement strategies for qualitative market research. 

Ivayana holds an MBA from Cal State East Bay, a program that has sharpened her business acumen and strategic thinking. Additionally, her B.S. in Psychology from San Jose State University provides her with a deep understanding of human behavior and enables her to approach research projects from a unique perspective.