Kelly Pellico

Vice President, Marketing & Strategy

Kelly is known for her leadership, strategic insight and ability to connect the dots to create influential new ideas.

Kelly brings a unique mix of marketing and market research expertise to her role at Vital Findings. She spent a decade in market research, leading global brand and ad studies for companies like HP, Intel and Red Bull; and later led the marketing department at Sundance Institute, the non-profit behind the Sundance Film Festival.

The stakes are high when developing the brand identity for the largest film festival in the U.S., leading its marketing campaign, and overseeing all content – video, photo, editorial, social, web, advertising and email – produced before and during the 10 days in snowy Park City, Utah. Kelly was known as the “calm under pressure” leader who was able to think strategically, connect the dots creatively, and act decisively. She brings that leadership experience to Vital Findings where she’s focused on marketing and strategy. She holds a degree from the University of Southern California.