Paolo Ochoa

Insights Strategist I

Paolo prioritizes diversity in thought and empathy-driven connections when conducting research. Backed by his meticulous organization and thoughtful leadership, he’s able to extract human insight and present it back with actionable steps that answer complex business questions. 

Prior to joining Vital Findings, Paolo received his master’s degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Northridge where he focused most of his research on Health Communications. Soon after, he entered the market research industry and has since conducted work in the healthcare, finance, tech, and entertainment spaces. In his time in the industry so far, Paolo has been exposed to various quantitative and qualitative methodologies (e.g., brand tracking, IDIs, focus groups, ethnographies, shop-alongs) but finds himself more at home when he’s connecting with people in a qualitative setting and immersing himself in their environment to bring their stories to life.