Qualitative Research

Opening a vivid window into the consumer's world

Vital Findings believes in the power of the consumer voice. Our smart digital and in-person methodologies ensure we get the right information from the right participants, and our Design Studio and creative video storytelling bring the consumer to life in a meaningful way.

The Vital Findings Twist

  • Vibrant Visual Deliverables

    Through professional photography and videography, we create visual and immersive reports and videos that bring the consumer’s world to life.

  • Ensuring stellar recruits

    Our screening process is one of the most stringent in the industry. Analysts personally re-screen each potential participant, and we often use photos (for in-person qual) and video responses (for digital qual) as quality checks.

  • Homework that works harder

    We design engaging and thought-provoking homework assignments for respondents that not only prep them for their discussion but also can be mined for additional insights.

  • Seasoned in-house moderation

    We have a diverse pool of talented moderators on staff who use conversational and creative discussion and probing to get to the heart of the consumer story and extract emotion and deeper meaning from respondents.


Signature Qualitative Methods

  • Communities/Digital Qualitative

    Connect with consumers in multimedia online forums and custom communities that go deep and wide into the consumer experience.

  • Bringing Segments to Life

    Meet the people behind your segments using our unique “archetype” recruiting process, uncover their stories, and develop lasting personas.

  • Focus Groups (In-person or Online)

    Engage your customers in active discussion and collaborative exercises guided by an experienced moderator.

  • Iterative Qualitative

    Grow novel insights into larger themes by taking consumers through a digital qual phase and then building on those learnings in-person.

  • Co-Creation

    Partner with customers to find opportunities for growth, unmet needs, and explore new concepts.

  • Ethnography

    Immerse in the consumer’s lifestyle, home, or work with rich photography, videography, and intimate discussion.

  • Mobile Qual

    Be in-the-moment with consumers across the world as they show you how they live, work, shop, and relax.

  • Video-Supplemented Quant

    Gather user-generated videos within a quantitative survey for cost-effective opinions in the consumer's own words.