Thought Leadership

Proven ability to deliver provocative, hard-hitting insights

8 Ways to Reach Niche Audiences

Tips to help you reach the niche audiences best able to inform your clients’ business decisions.

6 Ways to Socialize Your Insights

How to make sure your insights create business impact.

Pride flag in front of a office building.

Celebrating Pride Month as an LGBTQ+ Certified Business

In honor of Pride Month, AMC Networks placed a spotlight on Vital Findings as an LGBTQ+ certified business and interviewed our founder Jason Kramer.

Simplicity Is Key to Go From Insight to Impact

How we used storytelling and design to make a customer journey simple.

Lessons in Motherhood: Being a Badass at Home and at Work

The moms of VF share the parenting lessons we’ve learned, as well as those stark reminders of how worthwhile motherhood is.

Getting to Truly Authentic Insights with Immersive Qual

Harnessing the power of our brain’s happy hormones.


We recently had the pleasure of partnering with Deckers Brands for presentations at CRC, The Quirk’s Event and Qual 360 that shared our path from…

Giving Research Legs: PR-Worthy Techniques To Make Your Research Go Further

The bar continues to rise for insights professionals. It wasn’t long ago that great data and insights were enough to turn heads. Now we need…

Storytelling 360: Great Stories Start BEFORE the Research, And Don’t End With The Report

The most effective insights stories hook your audience long before the research starts, and continue after you deliver your report.  Vital Findings' Storytelling 360 approach creates…