Video Deliverables

Vivid, Narrative-Driven Video Storytelling

 Make Research Go Viral with Video Deliverables: Video Capabilities Reel

 Use Thought Leadership Research to Elevate Your Brand: A Video Case Study

 Levels of Autonomous Driving: Video Used to Explain a Complex Topic Within a Consumer Survey

 UGG Segmentation Installation: Time-Lapse Video of How We Brought UGG’s Segmentation to Life

 Segment Audio Journal: Using Photography & Consumer Interviews to Bring a Segment to Life

 Latina Attitudes Toward Beauty: Companion Video to Our Groundbreaking Thought Leadership Study with Univision

 Visual Questionnaire Design: Consumers Speak About Why They Prefer Our Approach

 De-Mystifying DCM: Using Video Tutorials to Improve the Reliability of Discrete Choice Models

 Using Consumer Video for Marketing: VF Video Used in MetLife’s Hyatt Legal Plans’ YouTube and Facebook Campaign