Case Study

Global A&U with Local Insights

The Opportunity

A major coffee brand was looking for insights into the ready-to-drink coffee market for Japan, South Korea, and China. The brand was already established in this space but only had fractured information about local consumers from their in-market teams. They desired a comprehensive research program to help identify customer profiles as well as purchase motivations and occasions.

Our Twist

Vital Findings kicked off the program with category immersion by reviewing previous research and holding stakeholder interviews. This preparatory exploration uncovered that packaging format (glass bottle, pop-top can, etc.) was an integral part of selecting which coffee to buy, not just brand and type of coffee. Further, in order to properly size the penetration of each coffee type and package format in each country, Vital Findings conducted a separate, market-representative incidence check before the main A&U program was launched.

The Impact

Through exhaustive analysis, Vital Findings created foundational research for the global and local insights teams that not only provided brand insights but packaging learnings as well. It also validated the importance of packaging formats that are more specific to Asia. This spurred replication of the research in France and the UK, expanding the global impact of these learnings.

Global A&U with Local Insights
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