Visual Storytelling

Insights brought to LIFE

At Vital Findings, we are leaders in information design for market research because we firmly believe researchers have a responsibility not only to identify great insights, but to evangelize them. Design is integral to our research process, and our clear, vivid, story-driven deliverables are instantly recognizable. In our VF Studio, our designers continuously innovate new ways to bring research to life.

The Vital Findings Twist

  • Visual design planning as part of the process

    Design isn’t just a garnish we add at the end. When we start a project, we create a visual design plan that maps out the deliverable objectives — the plan for how to visually achieve those goals — to ensure the final deliverable both speaks to objectives and has an impact for the intended audience.

  • Seamless collaboration of design and analysis

    Researchers and designers work side by side throughout the project process to articulate a cohesive and clear visual story.

  • Industry-leading video storytelling

    Video is now table stakes for qual, and we take it beyond clips into story-driven video reports, research ROI videos, day-in-the-life-snapshots, and motion graphics for quant.

  • Unique immersive experiences

    For segmentations or innovation projects, the best way to learn the segment or insight is to experience it, through in-person or digital installations, consumer panels, workshops, ideations, or off-site experiences.


Unique visual storytelling across a variety of mediums

  • Take PowerPoint Beyond Bullets

    From data-rich reports focused on data reduction and clear storytelling to vibrant, photography-rich presentations.

  • Infographics

    Visually-arresting posters that end up being displayed around the office, handouts that you’ll see pinned near everyone’s desk, or infographic executive summaries.

  • Physical Installation

    Segment rooms and displays that allow your internal clients to experience a piece of the consumers’ world.

  • Interactive Websites

    Deliver a curated digital experience through a microsite with project background, videos, digital infographics, galleries, and motion graphics.

  • High-Quality Video Reporting

    See and hear your consumers through a report teaser or full video reporting.

  • Workshops and Ideation Sessions

    Bring internal teams into the research process through ideation sessions at kickoff or workshops to brainstorm how to act on the insights.