Advanced Analytics

Combining research science with business savvy

With our statistical expertise and partnerships with cutting-edge data modeling firms, Vital Findings applies advanced statistical techniques customized to the business objective, fusing creativity and rigor for actionable results. We use our visual design expertise to make complex choice tasks consumer-friendly and to make our statistical output easy for executives to understand.

The Vital Findings Twist

  • We’re not siloed to one method or application

    Our team is trained to integrate, analyze, and activate results from advanced techniques, identifying the best technique to address the business issue. We utilize a wide variety of techniques, including everything from complex choice-based exercises to database scoring, segmentation, custom metric modelling, and beyond.

  • We work with multiple types of data

    While most of our modeling and analytics involve survey data, we also work with appended behavioral data, media targeting data, and transactional data.

  • Respondents won’t get lost in the analytics

    The most sophisticated modeling is meaningless if consumers don’t understand the question. Discrete choice tasks and segmentation questions are often over-complicated, and we use tutorials, graphic design principles, and UX testing to make sure our analytics reflect consumer intent.

  • Visual storytelling makes our stats executive-friendly

    Methods can be complicated, but reporting shouldn’t be. In our reporting, we use tools like quick visual explanations of methods, translating stats outputs into business-friendly metrics and calibrating models to actual sales or profit data to create a clear, data-driven story.


Signature Advanced Analytics Methods

  • Segmentation

    We deliver actionable segmentations that get adopted by our clients. Our unique approach uses category-driven attitudes and future-focused aspirations to increase the actionability and longevity of the segmentation, and playbooks and workshops to bring it to life.

  • Discrete Choice Modeling (DCM) & Conjoint

    We’re whizzes at utilizing choice methodologies to optimize messaging, product development, ad placement, and creative application based on the business need.

  • MaxDiff & TURF

    We utilize MaxDiff to identify a series of choices (concepts, ideas, messages, claims) with the most potential, while a TURF analysis zeroes in on the combinations that appeal to the largest proportion of the population.

  • Custom Modeling (Brand Equity, Advertising Evaluation, etc)

    Our team creates custom models and multivariate measures that fit your brand’s unique competitive set and tie directly to your most important benchmarks.

  • Database Typing

    Take your segmentation to the next level by marrying the attitudinal depth with the behavioral footprint — a marketer’s dream.