Quantitative Research

Rigorous methods with a new, creative edge

Vital Findings believes the best quantitative research is representative, projectable, mobile-friendly, and tailored to fit your specific industry and business problem. All of our staff are trained in foundational, CPG-style market research design as well as the complex, often visual, creative question types we are known for. Clients recognize our quant reports immediately for their vibrant design and tight storytelling.

The Vital Findings Twist

  • Highly-customized survey design

    Our research instruments are framed tightly around your specific business objectives. Before we hit our keyboards, your project team brainstorms the questionnaire outline, visual questions, and hypotheses, putting their collective wisdom on the page.

  • Respondent-friendly user experience

    We nix the jargon and write questions that respondents only need to read once, on the device of their choice.

  • Visual questionnaire design

    We identify complex, subjective, or potentially confusing questions and present them in a creative and visual way to improve comprehension, data accuracy, and survey engagement. Examples include visual timelines, graphical scales, and video tutorials.

  • Global reach, locally customized

    With half our quant outside the U.S., we know that simply translating a questionnaire into another language doesn’t cut it, so we do our homework on the local market context and capture unique, local issues as well as global ones.


Signature Quantitative Methods

  • Segmentation

    We deliver actionable segmentations that get adopted by our clients. Our unique approach uses category-driven attitudes and future-focused aspirations to increase the actionability and longevity of the segmentation, and playbooks and workshops to bring it to life.

  • Product/Brand Lifecycle

    Our lifecycle measurement approach involves collecting precise entry/exit information for your brand, key drivers of and barriers to usage, unmet needs, and metrics to help optimize acquisition and retention.

  • Thought Leadership & PR Research

    Headline and conference-worthy insights to support your brand’s industry presence and capture the media’s attention.

  • Custom Brand and Ad Tracking

    We apply our custom and creative thinking and a highly consultative approach to tracking work, designing custom measures and flexible modules that make tracking more actionable.

  • Discrete Choice/Trade-Off Studies

    We’re whizzes at utilizing choice methodologies to optimize messaging, product development, ad placement, and creative application based on the business need.

  • Attitude & Usage

    We elevate the standard A&U study to be forward-looking and reflective of our dynamic, digital world and the blurring lines of how categories are defined.

  • Additional quantitative capabilities:

    • Pricing and Product Optimization
    • Custom Copy Testing
    • Path to Purchase
    • Database Fusion
    • Concept Testing
    • Logo Testing
    • Brand Positioning and Strategy
    • Intent-to-Purchase and Volume Estimations
    • Package Testing
    • Customer Satisfaction