Case Study

Wearable Brand Positioning

Vital Findings Market Research

The Opportunity

A fast-growing wearable tech company needed to develop a uniquely ownable brand position. Previous brand positioning was rooted in function and didn’t explore the emotional benefits of the product. They partnered with Vital Findings to generate foundational insights and uncover positioning whitespace.


Our Twist

A synthesis of past research and stakeholder interviews inspired the development of white space areas to explore. From there we used ethnographies and focus groups to uncover the emotional territories and universal truths that unite consumers. And we led a semiotics analysis to discover untapped messaging, visuals, and tone.

Vital Findings Market Research

The Impact

A clear direction emerged for the brand’s positioning. The intersection of message and tone revealed unexpected opportunities, and connecting those to the shared emotional territories led to a new position within the category that is now distinctly owned by the brand.