Case Study

Creating a Sticky New User Experience

The Opportunity

A leading social media mobile app sought to understand critical moments that make or break a new user’s decision to stick with the app. The company came to Vital Findings to understand how users discover the features and functionality of the app, identify the key drivers of a “sticky” app experience, and address pain points that drive new users away.

Our Twist

Vital Findings developed a seven-day, longitudinal, mixed-methods diary to both track and dive deep into the nuances of the new-user experience. Three surveys throughout the week included a mixture of quantitative and qualitative questions, tracking perceptions and usage of app features, emotions, satisfaction, and likelihood to continue usage. Video, screenshots, and selfies added color, depth, and context to the findings.

The Impact

Vital Findings provided actionable findings that identified the key pain points and “stickiest” features in an immersive PowerPoint seamlessly blending qual and quant insights, with a compelling video that brought the story to life. The findings were powerful for the product design team, informing direct adjustments and improvements to the app’s interface, navigation, and features display.

Market Research - Creating a Sticky New User Experience