Conference Presentations

Refreshing Your Segmentation to Ignite Brand Growth

Learn when it’s time to refresh your segmentation, and the steps you need to take to create success.


Breaking your market into groups of people with similar core needs and interests leads to more effective targeting, less wasted spend and maximized sales. That’s why segmentation studies are so critical, and why most companies have done one. But how long do you hold on to your segmentation before it’s time for a refresh? And when you do a refresh, what steps do you need to take to create success?

This presentation, shared at the Corporate Researchers Conference, answers the following four questions:

  • When is it time to refresh?
  • How do you frame your market?
  • How do you prove your segments to inspire confidence?
  • How do you activate your segmentation to energize stakeholders?

Download a PDF of the presentation below, or click here for the accompanying tipsheet.


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