Case Study

Heavy Buyer Iterative Qual

The Opportunity

A major CPG brand wanted to learn what motivated their most loyal consumers in order to inspire new positioning, marketing, and product innovation. Vital Findings developed an iterative, three-phase qualitative approach designed to get a 360° view of consumers’ product history, behaviors, brand perceptions, and ideas, capturing rich imagery to inspire the creative team.

Our Twist

Each phase laid a foundation for the next. The base was a multi-media, two-week online community that used custom projective techniques and self-ethnography to identify big themes. Focus groups followed, fine-tuning those themes with interactive and immersive exercises. Star participants were then selected for in-home ethnos with vivid photography and video to capture their essence.

The Impact

The eye-opening insights from this iterative qualitative approach were brought to life through compelling storytelling and thoughtful design, making core takeaways digestible and actionable for the creative team. The research immediately inspired a successful new series of ad campaigns.

Nuts Snacking Occasions - Vital Findings - Market Research
A non-guilty snack that makes snackers feel good
Nut snacking is built on three pillars: flavor, health, and lifestyle