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We’re excited to be teaming up with Deckers Brands to share our path from insight to the co-creation of HOKA’s next generation running shoe at Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) 2022!

What We’re Sharing


Well-designed market research can identify actionable insights and innovation areas. But what’s next? Creative thinking can sometimes hit us out of the blue, but it doesn’t have to be an occurrence of luck, it can be designed. Vital Findings has created a powerful formula that takes the right inputs with a proven creativity process to unlock inspiration and drive teams to develop new, tangible ideas. Learn how Deckers and HOKA used this winning formula to bring runners and product designers together to elevate design and performance of their next generation running shoe.

In this session you’ll learn tips for how to:

  1. Ensure your research uncovers great insights that inspire creative thinking
  2. Prepare stakeholders to co-create with consumers
  3. Cultivate tangible ideas and concepts in your co-creation

Who’s Presenting

Ivey Crespo

Ivey leads the qualitative practice at Vital Findings. Deeply empathetic and highly creative, she’s developed unique techniques to help businesses connect and create with their customers. A seasoned strategist and moderator/facilitator, Ivey specializes in co-creation, white space exploration, future-casting and activation. She prides herself in unearthing deep and unexpected insights and is known for her ability to facilitate workshops that imagine what’s next. Ivey holds a Masters of Art in Cultural Anthropology from Georgia State University. 

Tim Twichell

Tim leads the Global Consumer Insights team at Deckers (best known for their UGG, HOKA and Teva footwear brands), joining the company in January 2011.  He has 25 years of experience, starting his career at Disney, followed by Yahoo and now Deckers.  He has a passion for using data to tell a story and when not working can be found exploring the world with his wife and 14 year old twins.

Hope to see you there! 

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