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We recently had the pleasure of partnering with Deckers Brands for presentations at CRC, The Quirk’s Event and Qual 360 that shared our path from insight to the co-creation of HOKA’s next generation running shoe. We’re passionate about co-creating products and services that propel brands forward, and have created a list of must-haves to ensure your co-creation’s a success. 

When we work alone, we often find creativity can be an elusive partner. But when we collaborate with others, that spark of creativity is easier to find and ideas flow freely. Co-creation is the surest way to guarantee that your product or service meets the needs of your customers. It involves researching your customer to understand who they are at the deepest levels, uncovering their greatest tensions, then inviting them into your creative process. Of course, there can be moments where the co-creating ideal falls flat, but with the right planning and creativity-inspiring techniques, brand magic can be unleashed.

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