Krista Socia

Vice President, Client Engagement

Krista is a creative insights and marketing lead with 15 years of experience in research consultation, method design, innovation, and storytelling to identify actionable opportunities for brands.

Krista is our longest tenured VF’er and leads Vital Findings’ internal best practices for insights generation and storytelling. Her passion is in uncovering and connecting insights in the data into a strong story hook that engages the audience and inspires new ideas and strategy. She works closely with clients to think outside the box, use innovation to go deeper into the consumer psyche and find new insight, and to creatively activate insights with stakeholders.

Her specialty is in work that requires a strong marketing spin to connect with the audience, including thought leadership, segmentation, bringing customers to life, innovation and white space, and advanced analytics. Fields of particular expertise include automotive and emerging transportation, technology, social media, alcoholic beverages, consumer electronics, and financial services.