Krista Socia

Vice President, Client Engagement

Krista is the creative force behind Vital Findings’ storytelling practices and leads our signature methods.

Krista has been with Vital Findings since the early days and leads VF’s insights generation and storytelling best practices – the secret sauce that makes our company and culture so unique. She partners with clients to think outside the box, using creativity and storytelling to go deeper into the consumer mindset and find new, fascinating insights. Her passion is in finding those novel insights and crafting an interesting story that engages research audiences, bringing inspiration and strategic direction to her clients and their teams.

Krista specializes in VF’s signature research methods, including segmentation, thought leadership, white space, market landscapes, journeys, brand positioning, and bringing customers to life. Her background in marketing helps her bring a marketable ‘spin’ to insights that captures attention and is both memorable and relatable. Fields of particular expertise include insurance, lifestyle, automotive and emerging transportation, technology and wearable tech, social media, alcoholic beverages, consumer electronics, and financial services.