Iwan Thomis Joins Vital Findings as Chief Strategy Officer

Iwan Thomis, a former Greenberg and Material+ Partner, joins Vital Findings to drive strategy and technology sector growth.

Vital Findings Welcomes Iwan Thomis as Chief Strategy Officer.

Vital Findings is excited to welcome Iwan Thomis as Chief Strategy Officer. He joins Jason Kramer, Chief Research Officer, and Amanda Hirsch, President, to lead the next chapter of Vital Findings’ growth. 

Iwan was most recently a Partner at Material+ where he led relationships across technology and fintech brands. Prior to that, he was Chief Strategy Officer at Greenberg Strategy, a San Francisco Bay-Area insights agency where he helped grow and shape the business prior to acquisition by the Material+ group in 2019. Originally from the UK, Iwan’s background is in advertising account planning, and since 1997 he’s been in the Bay Area working with agencies, start-ups and established technology brands.

Jason said, “We’re incredibly excited to welcome someone who’s had such an indelible impact on the insights industry. Not only does he bring deep expertise in technology to Vital Findings, he brings a keen eye for strategy and a passion for the mentorship of others.”

As Chief Strategy Officer, Iwan will work with the leadership team on company strategy, marketing and innovation efforts. He will also work closely with Brian Thompson to further support and expand the Vital Findings’ technology practice. 

Of joining Vital Findings, Iwan said, “Jason and Amanda have built a great business, with a potent mix of culture, talent and expertise. I’m eager to share the experience of growing an organization, and to work with brands and industries both new and familiar.” 

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